COVID-19 Government Sterilization Services


COVID-19 Government Sterilization Services

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Hospital Decontamination

We understand how overwhelming this time can be, most especially for hospitals. With the high demand for PPE equipment, we want to ensure that all hospital staff is safe and protected from COVID-19. Our certified technicians are able to effectively sterilize hospitals from top to bottom to greatly decrease the spread of the Coronavirus. With our safe sanitizing product, we are also able to routinely sterilize high traffic areas throughout hospitals to best combat any further contamination.


Government Facilities We Serve:

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Public Transportation


Public Parks & Playgrounds



& Many

Schools, Colleges, & Universities Sterilization

With the close quarters and big populations, it is very easy for viruses like the Coronavirus to transfer among students and staff throughout a school, college, or University. That is why it is so important to perform the necessary decontamination services for the overall health and well being of the student body and staff. Especially with the state mandated closures of schools, now is the time to act. Our certified technicians can effectively sterilize the entirety of the buildings and equipment to make it ready for the students to return safely.


Decontamination Benefits

  • It kills and eliminates viruses, pollutants, fungus, bacteria and contaminants in the air and on surfaces.

  • It is more effective than 60% alcohol, Lysol and household bleach. It is based upon elemental science combined with common sense.

  • The same Safe Bubbling, Sanitizing Effects created to kill pathogenic bacteria from scraped knees and cuts for over 50 years. Hydrogen Peroxide!

  • EPA-registered, green and sustainable.

  • H20 + 02= H202 aka Activated Oxygen breaks down pollutants on surfaces at their source. Elemental Science Combined with Common Sense.

  • Denaturing of protein occurs to safely destroy indoor biological threats. Leaves behind a protective barrier on porous surfaces.

  • Our certified technicians have been working with the product and honing the process since 2009.

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