COVID-19  Vehicle Sterilization Services


COVID-19  Vehicle Sterilization Services

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Vehicle Decontamination 

Your car could be carrying more germs than you know. Whether you are going into the grocery store, your job, your home, etc., all the viruses and germs are being brought back into your vehicle and being spread further to your home. With our Decontamination Solutions technology, we are able to have drive ups for your vehicle to be sterilized and protected from spreading COVID-19 any further. Let’s stop further spread of Coronavirus together and contact us today for our vehicle sterilization services!


Healthcare Workers’ Vehicles

We understand that hospitals and doctor offices are essential to keep open during these hard times. Doctors, nurses, and all the other medical staff need their car to take them to and from their work everyday. However, healthcare workers should not need to worry about bringing COVID-19 back to their homes and families. At Decontamination Solutions we offer healthcare worker vehicle sterilization services. If you are a healthcare worker in the Northeast Ohio area reach out to us today to get your vehicle decontaminated!


Decontamination Solutions In Action:

Decontamination Benefits

  • It kills and eliminates viruses, pollutants, fungus, bacteria and contaminants in the air and on surfaces.

  • It is more effective than 60% alcohol, Lysol and household bleach. It is based upon elemental science combined with common sense.

  • The same Safe Bubbling, Sanitizing Effects created to kill pathogenic bacteria from scraped knees and cuts for over 50 years. Hydrogen Peroxide!

  • EPA-registered, green and sustainable.

  • H20 + 02= H202 aka Activated Oxygen breaks down pollutants on surfaces at their source. Elemental Science Combined with Common Sense.

  • Denaturing of protein occurs to safely destroy indoor biological threats. Leaves behind a protective barrier on porous surfaces.

  • Our certified technicians have been working with the product and honing the process since 2009.

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Your customers, employees and visitors will know you have delivered the best possible health and safety solution available to any firm or government agency even the U.S Military!